Jordan Randall Smith, Ars Nova play Music of Schoenberg
23 January 2013
Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 Play
Artists: Jessica Abel (Soprano); Jordan Randall Smith
Ensemble: Ars Nova Dallas
Conductor: Jordan Randall Smith
I - Mondestrunken (Drunk with Moonlight) Play
II - Columbine Play
III - Der Dandy Play
IV - Eine blasse Wäscherin (An Ethereal Washerwoman) Play
V - Valse de Chopin Play
VI - Madonna Play
VII - Der kranke Monde (The Sick Moon) Play
VIII - Nacht (Night) Play
IX - Gebet an Pierrot Play
X - Raub (Theft) Play
XI - Rote Messe (Red Mass) Play
XII - Galgenlied (Gallows Song) Play
XIII - Enthauptung (Beheading) Play
XIV - Die Kreuze (The Crosses) Play
XV - Heimweh (Homesick) Play
XVI - Gemeinheit! (Mean Trick!) Play
XVII - Parodie (Parody) Play
XVIII - Der Mondfleck (The Moonspot) Play
XIX - Serenade Play
XX - Heimfahrt (Barcarole) (Journey Home) Play
XXI - O alter Duft (O Old Perfume) Play


Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21

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